Shop Visit: Velomix Surabaya

So during my short visit back to Surabaya, I got referred to a small bike shop in Surabaya Town Square. Most of the better bike shops in Indonesia are small, and this is no exception. They have a great collection of parts and bikes (at the moment more heavily centered on road bikes) great service, really friendly staff, and a nice cozy feel to the place. One of the few shops I’ve seen that carry LOOK and Neil Pryde frames too! 

Definitely a recommended place to visit if you’re going to be riding in Surabaya (this is pretty much advice for out-of-towners, since the locals probably already know that this is a must visit shop!)

Find them at:

Velomix Bike Shop

Surabaya Town Square (SUTOS) Street Level S-10

Jl Hayam Wuruk No 6 Surabaya

Telp: 031-563 2606